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When Danielle was younger, she starred in The Poker House as Darla. Special thanks to TeamDanielleCampbell for uploading! You can view the clip below.

Danielle attended the premiere of her new movie, Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection. She plays Cindy in the film! You can see the movie in theaters on June 29th, 2012.

DANIELLE-CAMPBELL-at-Madeas-Witness-Protection-Premiere-in-New-York-3.jpg DANIELLE-CAMPBELL-at-Madeas-Witness-Protection-Premiere-in-New-York-6.jpg DANIELLE-CAMPBELL-at-Madeas-Witness-Protection-Premiere-in-New-York-14.jpg DANIELLE-CAMPBELL-at-Madeas-Witness-Protection-Premiere-in-New-York-9.jpg

Kidzworld: Had you been familiar with the Madea character or those movies before?
DC: I have seen every single one of them. I grew up with these movies. They’re so good, funny and with a good message. They’re just great all-around movies. I love them.

Kidzworld: So tell me about your character Cindy and does Madea do her funny “tough love” on her?
DC: Yes! Cindy, when you come into this movie, she’s very spoiled and very self-centered. Her family in general is mis-functioning. Nobody is really together. Cindy strongly dislikes her stepmother (Denise Richards) and half brother. The whole family doesn’t get along very well. When they go to Madea’s house in the witness protection program, she ends up whipping the whole family into shape. They have to realize that family is the most important thing. Madea has her own special way of doing that, her own message. But, it works.

Kidzworld: Witness protection means new identities and leaving your old life behind because you saw a crime, right?
DC: Yeah and for any family or person this would be a very hard situation to walk into; not being able to see your friends or talk to anybody but Madea brings it all together.

The official theatrical trailer for Danielle’s newest movie, Madea’s Witness Protection was just released! The film will be in theaters on June 29, 2012. You can view the trailer below!

Danielle’s new movie, 16 South is already in pre-production in the San Antonio/Austin area in Texas. I can’t wait to see it! What do you all think? You can read the article below.

“16 South”, a modern-day western feature film written and produced by Hope Kelley, is now in pre-production in the San Antonio/Austin area.

“16 South” has thus far cast the legendary country music artist with 22 number one hits and 6-time Grammy winner, Randy Travis, in the role of George Baker. Luke Benward, Danielle Campbell, Hope Kelley, Daniel DeWitt, Aarron Benward, Donald Teague and Tom Dvorak have also been cast in various roles.

An exciting soundtrack is also attached to the film. Some of the soundtrack artists already committed to the soundtrack include; Randy Travis, Rodney Atkins, Michael McDonald (of the legendary Doobie Brothers), Aaron Benward, Thomas Dvorak, Daniel DeWitt, with other talent in negotiations to follow. For more info on the film project go to

IMDB has released the official storyline for Danielle’s upcoming movie 16 South, which is expected to be released in 2013! Danielle will star as Katie Baker, an eighteen year old girl who falls in love with Daniel, the son of her father’s greatest nemesis. Read the synopsis below.

In the late 1800’s and well into the twentieth century, many farmers and ranchers in Texas lost their homes and land to the more powerful landowner. Families were threatened, mercilessly burned from their homes, and in some instances, killed for the small piece of land they owned. This is the story of two men who spend their entire lives feuding over a tragic incident they both witnessed as young boys. George Baker (Randy Travis) is a man who has witnessed the horror of losing his family at the hands of a brutal killer, John Champion. Throughout his life, he must also put up with the humiliation of being thought of as cowardly and spinless, because he can’t retaliate in order to keep his family safe from harm. To complicate matters, his daughter Katie (Danielle Campbell) is in love with Daniel, the son of his nemesis. Spanning several generations of two families, it is an unforgettable story of evil and hatred paralleling a story of devoted love and undeniable passion.


Here is a short article of Danielle’s newest movie, Prom.

Danielle Campbell and Nicholas Braun are dancing their way into Prom.

JJJ reported earlier this year that the comedy will revolve around a group of teens prepping for the big dance and that Disney was looking to cast nine unknowns into the lead roles — and they did!

Joining Nick and Danielle are Thomas McDonell, Aimee Teegarden, Nolan Sotillo, Yin Chang, Jared Kusnitz, Ben Esler, Kylie Bunbury and DeVaughn Nixon, according to Variety.

Congrats Nick, Aimee and Danielle!