Official Synopsis Released for 16 South

IMDB has released the official storyline for Danielle’s upcoming movie 16 South, which is expected to be released in 2013! Danielle will star as Katie Baker, an eighteen year old girl who falls in love with Daniel, the son of her father’s greatest nemesis. Read the synopsis below.

In the late 1800’s and well into the twentieth century, many farmers and ranchers in Texas lost their homes and land to the more powerful landowner. Families were threatened, mercilessly burned from their homes, and in some instances, killed for the small piece of land they owned. This is the story of two men who spend their entire lives feuding over a tragic incident they both witnessed as young boys. George Baker (Randy Travis) is a man who has witnessed the horror of losing his family at the hands of a brutal killer, John Champion. Throughout his life, he must also put up with the humiliation of being thought of as cowardly and spinless, because he can’t retaliate in order to keep his family safe from harm. To complicate matters, his daughter Katie (Danielle Campbell) is in love with Daniel, the son of his nemesis. Spanning several generations of two families, it is an unforgettable story of evil and hatred paralleling a story of devoted love and undeniable passion.


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  1. Vitaliano Fischer says:

    hello my name is vitaliano I’m from Germany and I’m also 16 years old I hope you read this message at some point it would make me very happy Danielle, I have never seen such a nice girl like you you have the most beautiful of all the charisma and the most beautiful smile I ever seen in my entire life habe.du’re just so beautiful It makes me sad that I’ll probably never see you though but I will always pray for you that it will be you always go well. if you should ever go bad will never forget it is one of the loves you forever and his name is Jesus ? god bless youÄnderungen rückgängig machen

  2. Molly says:

    It say that said that 16 south was going to be released in 2013 5 more days until 2015 what is going on are u doing the movie or not