I added a personal photo of Danielle to the gallery. Make sure to check it out!

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After a couple weeks of using the classic theme, I finally put up a new theme made by Danny and coded by Celeste. I hope you guys like it! <33


I added some photos from Radio Disney interview on January 11. They’re untagged so make sure to check them out! I also added a chatbox to the sidebar, so feel free to chat in there with other Danielle fans! Finally, I added some icons that Reem and Kawthar donated. Feel free to use them on forums, Livejournal, etc but with credit. You can view them here.

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Actors Playhouse’s production of Les Misérables is up for 12 Carbonell nominations, and Danielle is in one! She is in the “Best Costume Design” category. Congrats Danielle! *Please Note: We are unsure if this is really Danielle. No word has gone out about Danielle being in this, nor have we found any photos/proof of this. This came up on my Google Alerts, so I am just posting this because it may be Danielle.

Best Costume Design: Alberto Arroyo, The Voysey Inheritance, Caldwell Theatre Company; Danielle Campbell, Viva Bourgeois!, Mad Cat Theatre Company; Colleen Grady, Les Miserables, Actors’ Playhouse; Brian O’Keefe, A Doll’s House, Palm Beach Dramaworks; Alejo Vietti, Barnum, Maltz Jupiter Theatre.

Hi everyone. Welcome to the first ever fansite for Danielle Campbell, Danielle Campbell Online! Thanks for visiting and I hope you keep visiting for more updates. The gallery is now open and I added a couple Starstruck promos and stills. They’re all in high quality. Make sure to check them out.

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