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This is just a reminder to let people know that ‘The Originals’ new season premiered on October 6.

I will be uploaded screencaptures of episodes shortly.

The Originals season 2 will air October 6, 2014.

Daddy’s home!
The Originals fans were shocked at the end of the season one finale when Mikael (Sebastian Roché), father of the Original vampires, returned to the land of the living, vowing to kill all his children once and for all. But his return came with strings attached.
Specifically, strings attached to young witch Davina (Danielle Campbell), who has complete control over the violent and vengeful vampire vampire-hunter. That’s good news for Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and every other Original vampire out there, since Mikael is still seriously out for their blood.
We put on our brave face and confronted the scary Papa Original himself to talk all things season two, including whether or not we’ll see a giant Original family reunion. After all, Mama Original Esther also returned from the dead in a new body, taking one of her sons (Is it Kol or Finn?) with her.

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While Davina may not have a whole lot in common on “The Originals” with a certain Klaus, it turns out that she can find plenty of common ground with his father Mikael. He is basically her puppet she plans to use in season 2 to torment Joseph Morgan’s character, which is most-likely going to be a very fun story to watch play out.

Not only this, but it looks like it will also be an extremely-fun storyline for Danielle Campbell to play. Speaking about it to E! News, she made it clear that part of the fun is that there’ll be a chance for some humor in here, and not everything is going to be so overtly serious:

“It’s really cool to see little Davina completely controlling him,” Danielle Campbell teased of Davina and Mikael’s buddy sitcom-esque dynamic in season two. “They have a lot of banter. It’s just fun. Davina is just completely sarcastic with him and doesn’t care about anything he’s saying.”

Campbell also teased that there could be a romance in time between her and the new arrival played by “Teen Wolf’s” Daniel Sharman, but don’t expect anything to happen right away. Things are going to be a little bit more of a slow burn.

The only thing that we would be slightly worried about is what in the world happens in the event that Davina starts to close control on Mikael. After all, this does not feel like the sort of person you want to tick off or let run around free.

Season 2 of “The Originals” will premiere on The CW on Monday, October 6, and there are so many little things to expect here that cannot even be fully explained right now.

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This is just a quick message to let you know that I will be posting The Originals updates soon. I’ve been very busy with school and my job at the moment.

Davina lives!

After she died, of course.

Following what appeared to be a failed Harvest Festival, Danielle Campbell’s character went away for a few weeks on The Originals Season 1, only to then be resurrected with a very different view of life.

Yes, the ancient witches really do exist. Davina now has “full faith” in these ancestors, as the actress told us on the red carpet of PaleyFest late last month.

Campbell also talked up the upcoming war in New Orleans and said she could cast a spell that set our camera on fire… but she was nice enough to refrain.

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On March 22, Danielle attended Playfest for “The Originals” in Hollywood, CA. I’ve added two videos from the event, as well as photos.

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Danielle Campbell will return as Davina on The Originals tonight! I’ve added a preview of tonight’s episode below.


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I’ve added some episode captures of The Originals. You can view them by clicking here.

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