Wetpaint and Celebified caught up with the stars of the upcoming Vampire Diaries spinoff, The Originals, at the 2013 CW Upfronts! Get the scoop on the witchy New Orleans-based plot, plus Marcel vs. Klaus, Rebekah vs. Hayley and more!

Danielle Campbell talks about joining some of The Vampire Diaries cast in the new spin-off, The Originals.

Based on the news that The Originals is shooting a new pilot for the fall, we imagine we’ll be seeing a lot more of Davina (Danielle Campbell) in the new show’s first episode.

Though Davina had some scenes in the backdoor pilot — which aired as part of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 — they were cut. “She would be too much of a cliffhanger for the show,” Danielle Campbell told Wetpaint Entertainment at the CW Upfronts.

So what can we expect from this mystery girl come fall? It sounds like both Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) want Davina on their side when it comes to their fight over who will control New Orleans. Danielle explains, “She is a very powerful witch who gets stuck in the power struggle. So it’s going to be very exciting. There’s a lot of surprises with her.”

It sounds like Davina hasn’t picked a side yet, because Danielle adds, “You’re gonna see her character grow a lot.”

So what makes this magical miss such a hot commodity? “She’s a witch who has a lot of power, more than is good for her,” Danielle tells TVFanatic.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Davina has a dark side. Her guardians attempted to protect her from the outside world, but she’s captivated by New Orleans.

Danielle Campbell (Prison Break) is the latest new regular cast in the potential Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals, which will be introduced in the April 25 episode of the CW drama. Written by TVD co-creator/executive producer Julie Plec, The Originals centers on the Original family of vampires, as Klaus (Joseph Morgan) returns to the supernatural melting pot that is the French Quarter of New Orleans — a town he helped build centuries ago — and is reunited with his diabolical former protégé Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). Campbell, repped by CESD and Evolution, will play Davina, a young witch who has been over-sheltered by her protective caregivers.

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Danielle Campbell gives a tearful testimony in this exclusive clip from her appearance on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, airing this weekend.

“I play kind of an edgy girl on the show,” the 18-year-old actress recently dished to JJJ. “She buys drugs and ends up getting into a lot of trouble. So keep your eye out for that.”

In the episode, “Family Matters,” Danielle plays Carla, a young girl whose friend is in a coma after taking ecstasy at a rave.

Jane (Brooke Elliott) represents the mother of a teen girl who was placed on life support after attending a rave. Meanwhile, Grayson (Jackson Hurst) and Kim (Kate Levering) take a case involving a gay sperm donor; and Teri (Margaret Cho) and Luke (Carter MacIntyre) pretend to be Jane and Owen (Lex Medlin) at a wedding-menu tasting with a celebrity caterer.

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When Danielle was younger, she starred in The Poker House as Darla. Special thanks to TeamDanielleCampbell for uploading! You can view the clip below.

Danielle attended the premiere of her new movie, Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection. She plays Cindy in the film! You can see the movie in theaters on June 29th, 2012.

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